Our Services


  • Design - unique, practical, professional.

    Creativelifeform understands that a website is a tool for delivering content and that nothing should stand in the way of this purpose.

    Our approach is simple - we use design to highlight messages and deepen connections with the target audience, strengthening brands in the process. All our websites are hand crafted from the ground up. No templates, no corner cutting. 

    Because the web now exists across a multitude of platforms, we design for all of them – desktops, mobiles and tablets. We place usability on equal footing with aesthetics, because what use is a good looking site if it is overly complex and difficult to navigate?

    To put it simply, our mission is to deliver the best of both worlds – design that is highly user-friendly and accessible, while still boasting flair and brand fidelity. 

  • Development - expertly written, clean, modular code. Front to back.

    The code behind your website is what makes it work, the nuts and bolts so to speak. Just like any kind of mechanism, there are many ways to achieve a result, but only one of these is “the right way”.

    We build sites the right way, with a strict adherence to standards, a deep understanding of SEO and a focus on using client-friendly Content Management Systems.

    On the front end side of things, we use HTML and CSS coupled with Javascript for some icing on the cake. For the back, we specialize in PHP, MySQL and MongoDB.

    We predominantly work with open source solutions. Frameworks which we use on a daily basis include Mootools, jQuery, WordPress, Drupal and Magento. All of the websites we create are developed with a CMS, so updating content is either easy to for the client to handle, or lightning fast for us, so money isn’t wasted on simple text changes.

    If your project is at the more complex end of the scale, we can always custom build a CMS to meet your specific needs. 

  • Consulting - expert advice on all things web.

    The web is an intensely complex, ever-shifting landscape. Lucky for you then that we understand it inside out.

    Creativelifeform offers expert consulting services for a wide range of areas including User Experience (UX), Design, Development, Social Media and SEO.

    Have a feature you want to integrate into your site but are not sure of the best way to achieve it? Are you getting feedback saying that users are not happy with your site design but don't know how to fix it? Or do you just need a hand managing your social media while paying attention to online reputation management?

    These are just some of the issues that we work to solve for our clients on a regular basis.